My ‘bird of passage’ travel spirit takes flight again. Off to Barcelona!

Bird of Passage (n) – someone who keeps moving from one place to another

I am the kind of person who feels happy, when I have at least one future plane ticket already booked. Just in the past year, I have traveled to Boston (three times), Utah (once), Chicago for two months,  and Japan (twice!). I have spent more time traveling, than I have spent at my actual official home in California.


And I am off on ANOTHER trip!! Tomorrow I leave on a weeklong trip to Barcelona with my father. I am always excited to travel but this trip in particular has a bunch of exciting first’s.

  • My first time traveling internationally with my dad.
  • My first time flying on an international flight with a companion! (I usually travel solo.)
  • My first time in Europe! In all my travels, I have visited Asia many times and also Africa. But this will be my first time on the European continent.
  • My first time traveling to a country where I totally don’t speak the language (and don’t know anyone there to show me around and translate). Feeling a little nervous about this but I think my dad and I can do it.
  • My first time seeing Gaudi’s architectural works in person. After 3 years of art history in elementary school, 1 year of art history in high school, and 4 years of working as an art history slide projectionist in college, it will be amazing to finally see these buildings in person.

Can’t wait! Just have to finish packing my suitcase and I will be ready to go.



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