18 hrs of flying and 24 hours of moving later…

And I am back in the States and moved into my place in Santa Barbara!

Whew -what a crazy crazy 2 days. @_@ “Jessy the Friendly Whirlwind” struck land and somehow left order (not chaos) behind.


“Jessy – The Friendly Whirlwind”

I acquired this nickname from my family back in grade school. My “friendly whirlwind” mode was anytime that I was bursting around the house busily getting stuff done or when I was energetically organizing.

The Friendly Whirlwind strikes my brother’s closet!! (back in high school)

This gumption-drive, active (almost frenzied) mode is still a big part of my personality. Someone recently told me that I am “eager” and have a “strong tendency to clean up things.” Sounds about right. I know this mode can be a pain for people around me but…

My Friendly Whirlwind mode served me well over the past 48 hours hours! I had heaps to get done including:

  • flying back from Japan
  • packing up my stuff from Kosuke’s apartment
  • moving everything to Santa Barbara
  • unpacking again


Here’s what my past 2 days looked like…

Saturday 5:30PM – Departing Kobe for the airport


I ate my last meal for the next 20 hours.

Fasting is the best way I have found to beat jet lag. Now every time I fly, I fast for at least 18 hours (and up to 24 hours). I feel like my body clock just “clicks” over to the new time. (If you think I am making this up, you can read about the science of fasting to cure jet lag on Harpers.)




Saturday 8:20PM Leaving Osaka Airport for Tokyo Airport

My flight was bought on United but was a code share with ANA (All Nippon Airlines), which meant that I got to enjoy the wonderful Japanese service.


Before we took off, the captain apologized for recent technical issues with the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which have required ANA to ground some flights. All the flight attendants bowed in unison as the captain apologized for causing concern.



I was tempted to try the ANA special edition “Potato and Bean” snack but I couldn’t because… fasting. My empty stomach will slay jet lag!! (That is what I kept telling myself.)

Saturday 9:30pm Arriving to Tokyo Airport and Waiting for My Flight to Los Angeles

Usually I like layovers in Japanese international terminals because the shopping is super fun! (Yes I will admit that I have bought things in the airport even though my suitcase is already bursting.) This time, I was too sleepy to go shopping.

I was so sleepy that all I managed to snap was this one lame photograph.


Sunday (very early morning) 12:05 AM Departing Tokyo for Los Angeles

There are no pictures at all from this flight. The flight was about 9.5 hours long. Upon boarding, I immediately fell asleep and woke up 6 hours later. The remaining 3 hours I piddled away watching “Alice in Wonderland” on the backseat screen.


Sunday 6:25PM Arriving to Los Angeles Airport

By the magic of timezones, I arrived to Los Angeles EARLIER than I had departed from Japan!! That nifty little trick never fails to astound me. I was a bit weary and feeling in need of a shower.


But really no complaints! The flight was very smooth and my somewhat suspicious bulging cardboard box even slipped through customs without any trouble.

I recently enrolled in Global Entry. This was my first time entering the U.S. as a “trusted traveler.” Best $100 I ever spent!!  I did not have to wait in any lines and the immigration/customs procedure was completely stress free (and mostly done on a touch screen).

Sunday 8:00PM Crashing in Los Angeles

Even though I was pretty tuckered out, I could not resist opening up my box and showing Kosuke all the goodies inside!



Also “hi” bunnies! Long time no see.


Sunday 6:00AM Packing and Moving Back to Santa Barbara

Fortunately, I had packed a lot of stuff before leaving for Japan. But I still had some bedding and kitchen stuff to organize. Plus the cardboard box I brought from Japan had pretty much fallen apart on the plane, so I had to transfer everything to a sturdier box.

A couple hours of packing later and everything (including my harp) was packed away in the rental van!




Sunday Afternoon Moving Everything into New Place

The day was feeling pretty long at this point but we managed to get everything moved into the apartment and unpacked!

Starting to put things away…

Dinner Break!


All Done!


My kitchen featuring two of my favorite purchases from Japan: my new Muji tea kettle (gorgeous design) and my new colorful hot pad from Flying Tiger.

That was a crazy 2 days… but it all got done!

And I am settled back in California.

It feels weird (and kind of wonderful) to actually unpack my suitcase and contemplate being in one place for several months. During the past 9 months, I have relocated over 7 times. (You can read more about my nomadic lifestyle in 2016 here.)


But… I barely land before taking off again! I already have plane tickets purchased for Thanksgiving, and I am contemplating a jump over the Atlantic Ocean to Europe (a major continent that I have still not visited!). I feel most secure when I have at least one plane ticket pending for my next trip. 🙂

For now though, I am excited to explore California and enjoy this upcoming school year. Let’s go!!




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