Packing up but it won’t all fit…

By the magic of blog post scheduling – when you read this post, I will be on the plane back to the United States!



I had an amazing month in Japan with way more adventures than I could possibly share on a day to day basis. So look forward to lots more Japan travel posts in the coming weeks!!

The newly opened Kyoto Railway Museum. I’m looking forward to telling more stories from my visit here. Ever since my first visit to Japan, I have been a big fan of Japanese public railway transportation. It felt amazing to be surrounded by crowds of fellow train enthusiasts. 🙂
Bullet trains are so big!!!

The Inevitable Struggle Against Luggage Restrictions


The end of every wonderful trip to Japan always ends with the same struggle – trying to get all my purchases to fit in my bag. This time, I gave up and got a cardboard box.


Then that cardboard box was got full. So I got a bigger cardboard box. Then THAT cardboard box got full so I got an EVEN BIGGER cardboard box!


(Photo Credit: S. Fujiwara.)

And finally it all fit!! Now I’m all packed and ready to fly back. See you back Stateside in a few hours!




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