Dazzling Delights at Tokyo Station “Okashi Snack Land”

Seriously the theme of this trip has been SNACKS.

Just check out my Japanese Snack Parade.


Here in Kobe with Kosuke’s family, we seem to have a never ending flow of snacks. The snack pile on the counter has grown so large, that we now need a basket to corral all the snacks.

Last night, Kosuke’s sister came back from her friend’s house with not one… but TWO rolled cakes. One of the cakes expires today, so we better eat it up!!

It is a good problem to have. 🙂

Tokyo Station Okashi Snack Land

In Tokyo, my brother found an amazing underground almost amusement park like area of snacks called “Okashi Land.” So colorful and with so many delights for your eyes and your belly!! Here are just a few of the wonderful things we found.



Photo Credit: A. LeClair.


“Spin” – A snack you can fry yourself! Sold only at Tokyo Okashi Land.



Photo Credit: A. LeClair.



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