Japanese Snack Parade

As we travel from Tokyo to Kobe, snacks are a must have!!

Happy belly, happy travels.

Green Tea Popsicle with Icy Red Bean Filling


Puffy Ball-Shaped Snack

These snacks are actually for kids. I used to eat them when I was a kid traveling in Hawaii. Whenever I eat these, I feel like a kid again!


Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream at “Granny Smith”

So yummy! And the first time that I felt like a dessert was too big in Japan.


Fruit Topped Fluffy Sponge Cake.

As my brother and me snapped photos of this cake, the people around us definitely had the look of “Have those two never seen a cake before…..?”


Milk Soft Serve.



Okay this one isn’t really food but I loved it.


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