Maybe I’m being silly… But is this the “non-Japanese” train car?


There seemed to be an unusual number of non-Japanese tourists in our bullet train car from Tokyo to Nishi-Akashi. I heard French, Portuguese, British-accented English…

Almost all of the tourists got off at Kyoto. Leaving behind lots of empty seats.


Snacking and Dozing

During our three hour trip, my brother and I enjoyed lots of snacks and comfortable dozing, lulled by the gently rocking of the train. The ride is so smooth that it is hard to remember that the train is traveling nearly 200 miles per hour.

My brother described it like being in a plane on the ground just before take-off.


Testing the tilt of the train. The train is so smooth and well balanced that the tilting is hardly noticeable.

Did I mention snacking?


For lunch on the train, I enjoyed a Korean-style salad with fatty grilled beef on a bed of lettuce. I bought the salad in the station. Sadly I was so excited to eat the salad that I forgot to take a picture. Ooops.

We also had “Tokyo Banana” cream cakes. These are a specialty of Tokyo.



I also had a random cucumber that was leftover from our AirBnB in Tokyo.


It was a great trip! I am looking forward to enjoying Kobe now.






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