Japanese Boy Band Prompts Deep Soul Searching Questions.

Last week, I went on a Japanese boy band themed Ferris Wheel. The group was called “Boys and Men.” Apparently the group is local to Nagoya.


As thanks for riding, I received these free commemorative book marks.

Actually I only got one bookmark. My friend decided he could live without his special bookmark, and gifted it to me.


And it got me thinking. Boys and men…. Boys and men… Boys and men…

Boys? Or Men?

Girls? Or Women?

Boys? Or Girls?

Up? Or Down?

Now? Or Later?

Right? Or Wrong?

Okay in all seriousness, there is one question that I ask myself quite a bit when I am visiting here in Japan and that is “Japanese” or “Not Japanese.”

Photo Credit: J. Cooper.

Since I am half-Japanese, I am never quite sure how people see me. Sometimes when I am speaking Japanese, I get told that I seem Japanese. Other times, I walk into a convenience store and the employee just immediately speaks English to me.

I feel like a chameleon.

Here’s a fountain to cool you down. Not sure if you are feeling hot but temperatures were pushing 100 degrees in Tokyo today. And my poor computer is overheating just trying to post this update. šŸ™‚ Keep cool!



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