$100 = 1 week in this gorgeous Nagoya AirBnB (with the best host)!

The highlights of my Nagoya AirBnB spot:

  • Perfectly decorated

  • Astonishingly clean

  • Remarkably thoughtful and kind host


The Kitchen Goods Salesperson Who Cannot Cook

My host in Nagoya was so thoughtful! He works at a company that marketed overseas kitchen brands – like Staub, OXO, and Le Creuset. He had a beautifully outfitted kitchen, even though he himself did not cook at all.

He ate all his meals at the fast food chain – Yoshinoya – that sells grilled beef rice bowls.


Lovely kitchen goods! But no ingredients. Just oil, salt, and sugar.

One night, my host asked if he could join me for dinner. I made a super super super simple salad with poached chicken and grilled mushrooms that he seemed to enjoy. We chatted and ate together! I learned he was trying to write his own book!


The apartment was a single room separated by a sliding door. My host slept on a futon that he laid out each night in the kitchen. His life was so compact!! He just had a few simple things to occupy himself in the evening. Here is his tiny station.


He seemed comfortable with just:

  • his tablet and keyboard
  • a clock
  • a box fan

The apartment was also AMAZINGLY clean. Even under the bed.


I was so sad to leave…




Packing Up and Moving To Tokyo!

Now I am in Tokyo. I picked my brother and we will be here for the next week or so. Here is my last morning in Nagoya.


Ready for adventures in Tokyo with my brother~!



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