The Travel Bug Bites (again). Which means… Daily Japan photos coming soon!

Guess what? I’m going to Japan!! I just flew into California a week ago from Chicago, and now I am packing my bags again. Get ready for lots of travel updates and delicious meal photos!!


I will be gone in Japan for about a month. I am super super duper excited to go. (I know that’s not a big surprise for lots of people who know me. I am pretty much always eager to visit Japan.) Proof – this will be my 8th visit to Japan.


This is going to be a particularly special trip though. My older brother will be traveling with me!! Also Kosuke will join us for part of the trip.

Looking forward to soaking in the hot springs and maybe wearing a light summer kimono!

Just a few of the exciting plans on our itinerary:

  • Kobe beef dinner in Kobe
  • Hot spring soaking in Arima (one of top 3 hot springs in Japan!)
  • volunteering at Second Harvest food pantry in Tokyo
  • Tadao Ando’s “Water Temple” on Awaji Island

I am going to visiting Nagoya, Tokyo, and Kobe with probably a short visit to Kyoto. Here’s a map showing all the places that I am going.

Made with Map Customizer.

I am really looking forward to taking lots of pictures and sharing our experiences with everyone. The only downside of visiting Japan right now is the heat. I will try not to complain (too much) about the blistering heat, oppressive humidity, and systematic lack of air conditioning. Despite the summer heat, I’m ready to bust out my fan and dust off my Japanese. Let’s go let’s go let’s go!

An essential part of the Japanese summer – the buzzing of cicadas.

Since I will be traveling, I am going to switch to daily updates of our travel experiences! Check back here for exciting sightseeing, simple everyday moments, and lots and lots of delicious food!

I’ll be back Stateside in September and posting regularly on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Until then, join me as we frolic and eat our way around Japan. Let’s go~

I’m always smiling when there’s food around…

Thank you dear reader for stopping by! Leave any thoughts, comments, or questions below.


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