Rabbits – Little Bodies with Big Personalities

Henry and Chloe are Holland Lops, a miniature breed of rabbit.

Even when fully grown, they will not weigh more than 4 pounds. Don’t be fooled by their small size though! Henry and Chloe are feisty little creatures bursting with personality.


Counting Henry and Chloe, I have raised 5 rabbits. After graduating from college, I also fostered 3 more rabbits on their way to adoption. All of my rabbits have had their own unique personality. Henry and Chloe are no exception. Here is an introduction to this adorable pair. Enjoy~!

HenryChloeInfographic_2Thank you for stopping by!! Leave any thoughts, comments, or questions below.


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6 thoughts on “Rabbits – Little Bodies with Big Personalities

    1. J LeClair says:

      Hi! Thanks for finding my blog. Yeah… Chloe was so adorable. I fell in love with both her and Henry the minute I saw them. Please come visit the bunnies again soon! Jessy


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