Meal Prep : Menu #4

Let’s cheer for another amazing set of 3 Make Now & Eat Later salads!

Also my blog has reached the ripe age of 3 months. So far I have had over 3,000 views. Thank you so much to all my readers!! I am touched that people are following my blog and reading what I write. Thank you.


In honor of 3 months of blogging, here is this week’s impressive trio of 3 Japanese-inspired meal prep salads! Another milestone moment – this menu included our Japanese “Caprese” Salad with Octopus – the first recipe to get absolutely rave reviews and a perfect score of 10/10 by K and myself.


Also another Japanese-twist on a European classic made an appearance. This time, instead of stealing from Italy, I borrowed from France. I made a Japanese-style “ratatouille” that skips the oven and “stews” the veggies on the stove.

Lots of air quotes this week. 🙂 And lots of yummy eats! Enjoy~





  1. Start the chicken first (it takes the longest to cook)
  2. Next start the eggs, while you prep the salads.
  3. Where to find octopus (if you want to try the perfect 10 salad!) – You can find preboiled octopus at Asian markets and some specialty seafood shops. At Japanese markets, you will probably find the preboiled octopus in the “sashimi” section. “Sashimi” is usually associated with raw fish but in the case of octopus, it means that you can use the octopus as is without further cooking. If in doubt, just ask! For more info, here is an ingredient spotlight on ocotopus from TheKitchn.

Want to learn more about simple, Japanese-inspired weekly meal prep? Read “What is Make Now & Eat Later”

And for more delicious weekly menu ideas, check out Menu #1, Menu #2, and Menu #3!


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