Favorites: Jewelry Cubes

Details: Custom made 5” cube and 3” cube from 3/16” unpainted steel rod

Origin: Near Los Angeles, California

Thanks to the brilliant fusion artist Ray Salas for my custom jewelry display cubes!


A year ago, I visited Japan and saw my friend using metal cubes to organize her earrings. I loved the idea, and immediately began looking for a similar design.

It seemed like a simple thing to find – a thin metal frame cube – but nothing for sale was quite right. So I decided to get them custom made! I posted an ad on Craiglist titled, “Looking for sculptors/3D printers.”


I never could have imagined that an artist like Ray Salas would answer my ad. You can see one of his lamp designs on “Upcycled Zine.” Here’s a video on “Interior Design Undercover” showing his intriguing chair design. When he first contacted me, I found his shop on Etsy and could not believe that he would be interested in my dinky $50 cube project!


He made the cubes exactly to order, and dropped them off at a parking lot with me. I love the cubes. My earrings fit perfectly. Everything is kept nice and neat!


Plus I like knowing that no one else owns these nifty cubes! I wonder what else I could get made on Craigslist…


Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!


Come back on Monday! New recipes and musings on Japan posted here every week.

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