Meal Prep : Week 3

Another amazing set of 3 Make Now & Eat Later salads!

This past week, I learned that my future love of veggies emerged in childhood! While cleaning out the basement, my mom unearthed lots of toys and memories from my childhood.

My mom found this ceramic piece I made in elementary school…


I can only interpret this as a carrot lounging in the bath! I love the haphazard finish, especially the splattered blue dots on the body of the carrot. Of course, I’m keeping this treasure find. I suppose it is no wonder that I grew up to be an aspiring Japanese vegetable sommelier!

This week’s menu does not feature any carrots, but there are lots of other good veggies to enjoy – especially MUSHROOMS! I used mushrooms in two recipes. (Hush to all you plant nerds out there. I know that mushrooms are not technically veggies.) Enjoy!



  1. Start the chicken first (it takes the longest to cook)
  2. Next start the eggs, while you prep the salads.
  3. Tear the mushrooms! Don’t cut them. Ripping the mushrooms creates a pleasantly rough edge to soak up flavor (and besides it is faster).

Want to learn more about simple, Japanese-inspired weekly meal prep? Read “What is Make Now & Eat Later”

And for more delicious weekly menu ideas, check out Menu #1 and Menu #2!

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