Meal Prep: Grocery Shopping List to “Make Now & Eat Later”

Today’s post comes from Kosuke! He wanted to share our most recent optimization of the Make Now & Eat Later diet – the grocery shopping list.

We realized that we were wasting time making almost exactly the same list every week. Using his black-belt-level Excel skills, Kosuke created a list that we can use over and over. His effort shaved a precious 10 minutes off our weekly meal prep! Nice.

For the record, Kosuke is also a master deep fryer. His superbly delicious fried chicken…


Without further ado, here is his optimized grocery list and first ever blog post!


Hello, This is Kosuke.

Make Now & Eat Later is not only about cooking and eating, but it also makes grocery shopping very efficient. (Of course, it’s exciting to gain extra free time!)

Since Jessy and I have been doing MN&EL for over two years, we have also been developed a pretty solid shopping routine. We used to make a weekend shopping list every Friday, but finally made a very simple shopping list we can use every week like this:

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 5.25.35 PM

We just print it out and bring it with us when grocery shopping. Although the shopping list still requires writing down ingredients specific to the week’s recipes and might not seem that dramatic, it let’s us skip the hm-what-should-I-buy moment. It has made our shopping experience much easier and efficient!!

Making the list, we were amazed how little (in terms of number of items) we buy! But there is no reduction in our joy of cooking and eating. This optimization allows us to be more aware of food waste from our diet, and it has been such a fun encouragement to waste less!

Want to start optimizing your weekly shopping and meal prep with Make Now & Eat Later? Start today by downloading our grocery checklist!

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 5.30.35 PM

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