The Cutest Bunnies – Introducing Henry + Chloe

Henry and Chloe are two Holland Lops, who will be joining my family soon. I am very excited to welcome these bundles of cuteness in just two weeks!!

Henry is on the right, Chloe is on the left.


Rabbits are the absolute perfect pets (if you ask me) – quiet, clean, personable, and full of life. What more could you ask?

I have a long and happy history with rabbits.

Childhood Bunnies – Coleus, Celosia, Crinum

When I was a kid, I had three rabbits. All of them were Holland Lops, the same breed that I am getting this time. Back then, I named my bunnies from my mom’s gardening book. Coleus, Celosia, and Crinum. One boy, and two girls. None of my friends could ever remember their names. No wonder. This time around I decided to choose slightly more conventional names! 🙂 Aren’t Henry and Chloe such cute names?

Look at her sweet face!


Post-College Rabbit Rescue

Actually for the longest time, I could not even consider getting rabbits. My childhood rabbits were ever so dear to me. After they passed away, I lived without pets for many years. And I seriously considered switching to a different pet all together, like a dog. I also played around with the idea of raising a hedgehog.

I eased myself back into raising rabbits after college. I volunteered at my local House Rabbit Network by serving as a foster home for rabbits. I provided rescue rabbits a temporary home on their way to adoption. My local newspaper even featured an interview with me about my work with “homeless” rabbits!

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 4.52.18 PM.pngI loved volunteering with the House Rabbit Network. Every month or so, I had a new bun to play with, and I got to meet all kinds of prospective owners. Also none of the rabbits were fully mine, so I could maintain some emotional distance and still honor the memory of my precious childhood bunnies.

The Next Bunny Adventure – Henry + Chloe

Now I feel like I am finally ready to have my own rabbits again! When I made the decision, I knew exactly what I had in mind:

  1. two bunnies! (actually less work than just one, since they keep each other company)
  2. a boy and a girl (this combination tends to bond well together)
  3. Holland Lops (simply the best bunny breed)
  4. from a reputable breeder
  5. raised as cage-free house rabbits (although they will start out in a cage, while they adjust to their new home and also learn to use a litter box)

I wanted to get my rabbits from a responsible breeder. I found OneStopLop run by the fabulous Janette in San Jose. It is almost a 6-hour drive but completely worth it! From our extensive emails and my visit to meet the rabbits, I can see the love and care she takes with her bunnies, and I am happy to support her rabbitry.

Cannot wait to bring these two sweet things home soon!


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