Meal Prep for a Delicious and Healthy Week (in pictures!)

I wanted to show you in pictures how to Make Now & Eat Later for a week. Each icon designates a different meal type. Don’t let the lack of icons scare you away!

Yes, there are only four icons. Honestly though, this meal plan is super delicious and I promise you will not feel a lack of variety. (In other words, it is not boring!)

This doesn’t look boring right? 🙂


Actually I almost feel like I eat more new foods with the Make Now & Eat Later diet compared to when I was cooking every night. Before I often ended up making exactly the same thing because it was easy or because I could not think of anything else to make. With the Make Now & Eat Later diet, I always make 3 new recipes every week. So week to week the food keeps changing. Plus, the flavor of most of the salads improves with time. So even though I am eating basically the same food for 10 meals, it tastes different (and a little better) every time.

Here is a guide to the four meal types in the Make Now & Eat Later plan:

1) Breakfast


– boiled egg

– toast with avocado and salt

– handful of fresh arugula

– fruit with yogurt and honey

– coffee

It looks like a lot to assemble, but this breakfast takes hardly any time!


1) Boil 6 eggs as part of weekend meal prep. And if you boil extra eggs, you can also add eggs to your salad during the week or pack one as a snack.

2) In the refrigerator, keep all your breakfast foods together. I store everything in a large plastic container. That way, everything I need to assemble breakfast is ready to go. This keeps my meal prep to under 15 minutes (usually closer to 11 minutes).

2) Lunch and Dinner


– Sticky Chicken (see recipe here)

– 2-3 make-ahead salads

– fresh salad

To reduce meal prep time, keep all fresh salad ingredients together. That way, you can easily take out all the parts of the salad and quickly prep it. Also, I prepare my dinner and pack the next day’s lunch at the same time. Since the food is same, the prep time hardly increases from preparing just one meal. This is amazingly efficient in terms of time! I love the optimization of making my dinner and my lunch at the same time.

3) Snack


– apple

Okay, so my 4pm “Apple Time” is pretty well known to some. I always eat an apple at 4pm. Always. (Even as I am writing this, the clock just ticked over to 3:54PM and I’m eating an apple.) My office mates suffered through my apple crunching for years. I just love eating an apple in the afternoon. It couldn’t be any easier to prepare. I just throw it in my bag. Apples are pretty sturdy, so no spills or stains. And an apple gives me a nice boost to finish my work for the day.

4) Anything Goes!


The squirrel marks the free choice, or “anything goes”, meals of the week.

Why a squirrel? I don’t really have a good reason, except that K’s favorite animal is a squirrel. I wanted to find a happy squirrel, since we both look pretty happy whenever Saturday morning arrives. This profile of a squirrel is the best I could find.

We look happy because Saturday morning is the start of 4 meals with no planning. We eat whatever we want – meals out, fresh foods cooked at home, a big bowl of popcorn, whatever. These four meals provide a nice balance to the week. And since we have extra time on the weekend, I feel like we can actually take the time to cook something nice and leisurely enjoy it.


 (Icon credits to Milky, Creative Stall, Stanislav Levin, Ryan Choi, Christy Presler, all from Noun Project.)

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