Favorites: Muji Toothbrush.

Details: Toothbrush Round Type Dark Green

Origin: Muji (Japan)

From the bathroom comes my favorite favorite toothbrush. I am passionate about this toothbrush. I have given this toothbrush as a present. I have convinced numerous friends to buy this toothbrush.

Just look how beautiful it is!!


(Image courtesy of: Muji Online Store, http://goo.gl/99jAVI.)

I know, you are probably thinking, “Can a toothbrush really be that special?” The answer is, “yes.” I was skeptical at first too. But my friend, who is an industrial designer, strongly recommended this toothbrush to me when we were shopping together in Muji, so I bought one to be polite.

From that day, I have never gone back.

The head of the toothbrush is the perfect size, small and agile. The handle is so comfortable without any goofy rubber grip. Even looking at it is a delight. I have had friends compliment me on my toothbrush. Seriously, when was the last time someone found your toothbrush remarkable? In my opinion though, the best part about the toothbrush is the design of the bristles. There are actually two designs of this toothbrush – the “round type” and the “flat type.” The round type is the star! It has long thin bristles that perfectly clean between teeth. (Even my dentist noticed. He asked me if I had changed my toothbrush the month after I started using this brush!!)

So be sure to get the “round type.” You’ll love it. I’m sure.

Here are what the bristles look like:


(Again image courtesy of: Muji Online Store, http://goo.gl/99jAVI.)

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